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How to Get Your Money Back After Being Scammed Online

Proven strategy for getting back lost funds online.

How to Get Your Money Back After Being Scammed Online

If you've lost your money in a Forex or Crypto fraud, don't panic! Just go to Mychargeback and get free consultations on how to get your funds back immediately.

Quick overview of what Mychargeback is

Mychargeback is a service owned by Cactil LLC which was launched in 2016 when Cryptocurrency fraud was very rampant. The service has helped millions of online fraud victims since then and even now they are actively helping people recover their lost funds. 

How Mychargeback works to get funds back to you

They work with a team of experts in Forensic Cryptocurrency investigations and complex card-not-present transaction disputes. Law enforcement agencies, Cryptocurrency exchanges and banks leverage on the technology and expertise of Mychargeback to expedite their own investigations and reduce processing time, thus ensuring that victims' funds are returned to them promptly.

Who uses the services of Mychargeback?

Individuals with transaction disputes, non-profit agencies, international financial institutions and even banks turn to Mychargeback for specialized help. 

Why you may need the services of Mychargeback

When you use your card to make a substantial amount of payment online, there is a chance that you may encounter a problem with the transaction. It may not necessarily be a scam but even in instances where the payment enters the bank account of a scammer, the credit card company will give you strict timelines for submitting chargeback requests. However, these chargebacks depend on a number of complex factors, and this is where Mychargeback comes in. They know the ropes and will take you through the process to ensure a quick resolve. This also applies to Cryptocurrency payment disputes. The blockchain experts will help you trace the transactions and recover your funds. 

User Comments (1)

"They have helped me recover from a scam"


1 month ago

I approached this company for help with recovery from a crypto scam that had taken over $25,000 from my savings. It has taken 4 months to get back my funds, and action was taken against the thieves. Their website is down at the moment, thanks to Mychargeback.

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